Working together to protect sea turtles and their habitats worldwide...

SWOT Data and Maps

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Please visit the SWOT Online Application

SWOT global sea turtle data

SWOT’s interactive map, hosted by OBIS-SEAMAP, represents the individual work of hundreds of SWOT Team members around the world. To date, it is the most comprehensive global nesting database for all seven sea turtles species in existence. In addition to collating global nesting abundance and distribution information, SWOT is also now collecting sea turtle satellite telemetry data. All data contributed to SWOT will be used to advance SWOT's long-term scientific goals. Want to join the SWOT Team? Find out more on how to contribute your data!

Applying SWOT data to your research

SWOT continues to expand its role as a global clearinghouse for sea turtle data and monitoring. If you are interested in using the sea turtle nesting and/or telemetry data contributed to SWOT, please review the SWOT and OBIS-SEAMAP Data Terms of Use, download and fill out the Data Use Agreement Form, and e-mail us the form with any questions. The SWOT Scientific Advisory Board will review your request and respond to you as soon as possible.

Get SWOT maps

Download PDF versions of the species maps that have appeared in our annual magazine, SWOT Report.

  • Worldwide Green Turtle Nesting Sites 2011 (Vol. 6) PDF
  • Green Turtle Satellite Telemetry and Genetic Stocks (Vol. 6) PDF
  • Global Biogeography of the Olive Ridley (Vol. 5) PDF
  • Global Biogeography of the Kemp's Ridley (Vol. 5) PDF
  • Global Biogeography of the Flatback (Vol. IV) PDF
  • Worldwide Hawksbill Nesting Sites (Vol. 3) PDF
  • Global Loggerhead Nesting (Vol. 2) PDF
  • Global Leatherback Nesting Site (Vol. 2) PDF
  • Worldwide Leatherback Nesting Sites (Vol. 1) PDF